The GAYADOR logo is an embodiment of our commitment to the safety and integrity offered through our products. Our corporate identity revolves around the flame – a fiery source of passion and commitment which drives us to continuously perform and deliver.

Our striking colour palette draws inspiration from fire itself. A bold red background symbolises strength and power, while the amber accents upholds vibrancy and courage within our corporate culture.

The literal flame is also what our products are designed to shield, providing safety and protection to GAYADOR equipped buildings.

The word ‘Gaya’ refers to the customisable aesthetics of our products, allowing them to blend into any building style. The two horizontal lines symbolise a pathway to success, as we strive to move fast and grow in today’s robust landscape.

A bold typeface draws upon decades of experience and a solid track record, inspiring trust and confidence in GAYADOR as a leading fire door manufacturer in Malaysia.